Saturday, February 9, 2013


This blog has been silent for awhile.

- I experienced sort of a relationship roller coaster during the Fall while sorting out life stuff. I hoped that some years of practice would help me see my thought patterns for what they were, but I did a great deal of wallowing and giving into them. Same as with any other breakup-makeup cycle. I think it's cool when people can be so refreshingly honest on their blogs, but I'm not sure if I'm one of those people. Best to just shut up and keep practicing sometimes.

- Reality check: this PhD isn't going to finish itself. Holy shit! Time to get a move on, seriously. I'm applying for jobs, making connections, and trying to put myself out there. It can be exhausting.

- Practice has not been all that dramatic, so I don't feel the desperation to have a blog outlet anymore. The persistent shoulder thing (injury?) remains, so any notion of improvement has been slow. This is fine. Focusing on asana progress feels silly now anyway.

So there you have it. 

I revisited some blogs this week for the first time in awhile and I found myself missing all of you, wondering how you were doing. 


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Yyogini said...

Hi Mb, good luck on the final push to finishing that PhD! I also have nothing to report abou my practice. In fact I'm baring practicing... so kudos to you for keeping it up! Hope the practice will carry you through the tough times.