Tuesday, October 18, 2011

drama still there, but now with humor!

Well, I would be lying if I said that I had a smooth return to Mysore class. Drop backs are eliciting some strong emotions from me, and after a year of working on them, I'm not sure why it's happening now. I think I wanted the Ashtanga gods to throw me an easier day after all of the recent stuff, so my frustration was amplified when I fell twice on my head during drop backs. The first time I laughed. The second time the tears came back.

My teacher and I met for lunch earlier in the day, followed by an email exchange. We talked about all sorts of things- recent practice troubles, more deeply ingrained patterns, our personalities and effects on the student-teacher relationship, insecurities, family background. The conversation was difficult at times, but also productive. We're also friends. 

Little did we know that a photographer from our local newspaper was cheerfully taking pictures of us during our lunch conversation. She came over to us, commented that the park scenery looked so tranquil, and asked us if it would be okay to have our images published in tomorrow's paper. I smiled about this on my bike ride home. Nothing like photographic documentation of that conversation, published to the masses, to get me accustomed to having my vulnerabilities exposed!

Oh, and I sent my grant proposal off to my advisors, and got an email reply, "We're in Scotland. We won't be able to look at this for another week!"Ah well...I guess maybe I can start relaxing now?

I slept 10 hours last night. Sleep is delicious!

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